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Introduction: The Mazeway Project
As conscious beings made of the stuff of the stars, we are free to shape our destiny. What we become, what we actualize or not, depends on the choices we make; that is, on how well we orchestrate our consciousness to satisfy physical, psychological, and spiritual needs. READ MORE


Our Life Map
Life Mapping is a process that frees and empowers us to direct our life’s journey from our own point of view, rather than thoughtlessly follow the prescriptions of entrenched institutions.  READ MORE


Our Social Map 
Assembling a map of our opinions about great issues of our time helps us understand the dynamics of the social process and escape illusions, prejudices, self-limiting ideologies, and other forms of conceptual imprisonment. READ MORE


Our MetaMap
MetaVisioning is a process dedicated to establishing coherent, moral, and universal foundations upon which to build a coherent, moral, and universal vision of how humankind can move forward together creatively, and peacefully.  READ MORE